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Learn More About Ingham County, MI

Ingham County is the home of Lansing, Michigan’s capital. The original settlers of the area arrived thanks to real estate fraud. Disingenuous real estate salesman in New York sold land in Ingham County to several unsuspecting New York clients. They believed they were buying property in the middle of a bustling town. When they arrived, they were dismayed to discover it was nothing but dense forest. The pioneers made due with their land and were the first American settlers of Ingham County.
Ingham County lawyers can assist you with any legal issue you may be facing, including criminal defense, personal injury, real estate, bankruptcy, divorce, and many more.
Ingham County attorneys recently settled a case in favor of a former employee of the local Community College. The employee claimed he was wrongfully fired from his job for whistle-blowing on wrongdoing by the faculty. Federal and state laws protect employees from being fired in retaliation for ratting out the wrongful conduct of their bosses.
Attorneys in Ingham County know the ins and outs of Ingham County Circuit Court. Experienced Ingham County lawyers are familiar with the court’s rules, court staff, judges, and other lawyers who work in the court. If you have a case in Ingham County, this local experience could make the difference in your case.
If you need an attorney in Ingham County, can help. Our free service will match you with a pre-screened and experienced Ingham County lawyer. You can rest assured that every LegalMatch member attorney is in good standing with the Michigan Bar and carries an excellent reputation. Don’t take our word for it: see for yourself with our exclusive attorney profile pages, available only through
For more on the law of Ingham County and Michigan, explore the following websites:
·        Ingham County Bar Association
·        State of Michigan Law Library
·        Michigan Supreme Court

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