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Learn More About Burton, MI

The city of Burton is primarily a suburb of Flint and is the second largest city in Genesee County. The city was named after John Burton, a local farmer in the 1800s of particular significance. There are plenty of recreational activities that are available in Burton. Kelly Lake Park is located in Burton and has a lake, nature trails, a picnic pavilion and a newly cemented bike path.
There are many reputable Burton lawyers in the area that are available to assist you if you have run into legal problems. These legal professionals regularly counsel their clients in many areas of law including personal injury, foreclosure, tax, bankruptcy, DUI, criminal defense, divorce, child support and more.
A lawsuit that was filed against a small group of Burton residents was recently dismissed. The lawsuit was filed by a cement crushing company against the group of residents and claimed that the people had defamed and made derogatory statements about the company at local meetings. The judge hearing the case against the Burton residents dismissed the suit, saying that the lawsuit was frivolous and a mere attempt to keep the residents quite. The lawyer representing the Burton residents said that the company was only trying to make it more expensive for the residents to make their voices heard.
If you have a lawsuit that arose in Burton, there are two state courts that may have to report to. In most situations, you will have to go to the 7th Circuit Court of Michigan, which is located in flint and hears a majority of the cases that arise in Burton. However, if your case is civil in nature and does not exceed $25,000, or if your case involves a traffic matter or a misdemeanor, you will probably have to report to the 67th District Court, which is located in Burton.
When selecting a great Burton attorney for your case, you will want to make sure that they have experience in both of the courts mentioned above. can help you find such an attorney and can also help you in selecting the one that is best for you. We do this by offering you hard to find information like attorney profiles that include sample billing rates, and also past client reviews.
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