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Learn More About Franklin, MI

A village of just under 3,000 residents, Franklin, MI calls itself “The Town that Time Forgot.” One of the state’s first registered Historical Districts, this community lays claim to some of the last remaining 1800’s original-condition structures outside of Detroit. Franklin is also home to the Franklin Cider Mill, established 1837, one of the first in the state to offer farmers cash payment for their wheat and to employ a water-powered apple press. Today the mill provides visitors with apple cider, hot donuts, and a variety of seasonal produce and baked goods for sale.
This historic community is also home to a number of highly experienced Franklin lawyers. These attorneys have handled legal matters dealing with topics ranging from family, business, real estate, wills trusts and estates, employment, and personal injury.
Attorneys in Franklin recently litigated a case on behalf of a female security guard against a steel plant. The woman had worked at the plant over a period of months, suffering verbal assault which culminated in her rape by the steel plant’s foreman while working the night shift. The case has been resolved before New Jersey’s Supreme Court.
The Michigan court system is comprised of one general trial court (known as a circuit court), several limited-matter trial courts (known as district or probate courts), one court of appeals, and a Supreme Court. Lawyers in Franklin may litigate cases in multiple district courts, the 6th Circuit Court, the Oakland County Probate Court, or other courts as your case may require.
When you have a legal issue and need to locate a local Franklin lawyer, consult Our website provides tips on selecting the right attorney and general information on various legal topics of interest. LegalMatch’s free service also gives you access to our database of pre-screened and qualified local lawyers experienced with your type of legal issue. Let LegalMatch help ease the frustration caused by finding the right representation for your case.
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