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Learn More About Troy, MI

Troy is a city located in Oakland County and is considered the 12th largest city in Michigan. In 2008, Troy was ranked 22nd on a list of “Best Place to Live” by CNN Money due its quality of education, homes, and economic strength. It is home to some of the largest companies such as Bank of America and Syntel. It also holds a massive upscale mall called Somerset Collection which features a skywalk and over 180 stores.
Residents of Troy recently found out that the World Financial Corporation’s loan officer plead guilty to wire fraud. Bruce Jarrard could face up to 20 years in prison and $250,000 in fines for wire fraud in an alleged data theft from the company. Federal officials alleged that World Alliance Financial’s data were trade secrets and Jarrard took them for his own personal and financial benefit. World Financial Alliance has over 120 employees in Troy.
Troy is served by the Oakland County Probate Court, 52nd District Court – 4th Division, and the Oakland County Circuit Court. The Oakland County Probate Court is locally funded and handles not only probate and estate cases but also handles mental health issues. The 52nd District Court – 4th Division hears torts, contracts, real property, small claims, and ordinance violations cases. The Oakland County Circuit Court handles torts, contracts, real property, administrative agency appeals, domestic relations, felonies, and criminal appeals cases.
Troy lawyers practice not only in criminal law but also in civil rights law, family law, wills & trust law, and personal injury law.
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