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Learn More About Allen Park, MI

Allen Park is home to the Uniroyal Tire, the world’s largest tire, which stands 80 feet tall and weights 12 tons. In order to promote Uniroyal’s puncture resistant tires, Uniroyal punctured the Uniroyal Tire with the world’s largest nail in 1998. This nail was subsequently bought at a charity auction by an Allen Park businessman. This suburb of Detroit was called one of America’s Best Small Cities by Money Magazine. The Ford Motor Company is an integral part of Allen Park and has many offices and facilities within the city limits.
Allen Park is not only the home to the largest tire on earth; it is also home to some great Allen Park lawyers who are available to help you in your legal situation. These attorneys are versed in areas of law such as DUI, criminal defense, intellectual property, immigration, divorce, estate planning, and many more.
An Allen Park police officer is the subject of a lawsuit brought by the wife of a man who was beaten after he was pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence. The man turned out not be drunk, but was instead suffering from a diabetic episode which made him swerve over several lanes of the freeway. Once pulled over, the Allen Park police officer allegedly beat the man over the head with a baton until he was unconscious. Once taken to the hospital, the man had to have part of his brain removed during emergency surgery and has been on life support since then. The lawsuit against the Allen Park police is requesting $20 million in damages.
Allen Park is served by the Third Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan. This is the largest circuit court within the state. In addition, the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan is nearby in Detroit. Having an experienced Allen Park attorney on your side in a lawsuit is a great advantage if you have to report to either of these courts.
If you need an Allen Park attorney, is here to help. LegalMatch is the premier online legal matching service and provides you with great information, like client reviews and attorney profiles, that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere.
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