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Learn More About Lincoln Park, MI

Lincoln Park is a Downriver city in Wayne County. Lincoln Park is a bedroom community to local Detroit mills and plants and consequently doesn’t have an industry of its own. Lincoln Park was incorporated as a city in 1925 and today has grown to over 40,000 residents.
Lincoln Park is home to a number of talented lawyers who are familiar with local Wayne County and Michigan State Circuit Courts. Lawyers in Lincoln Park take many different types of cases like divorce, chapter 7 bankruptcy, work-related injury, immigration visa, and criminal cases like DUI and theft.
Recently in Lincoln Park, investigators arrested Rita Gosselin on fraud charges. Gosselin was allegedly taking investors money and instead of flipping homes as she’d discussed, she would issue multiple promissory notes to the same property and lost many because she failed to make payments. Wayne County District Attorney charged Gosselin with continuing a criminal enterprise, racketeering, and three counts of false pretense over $20,000. She faces upwards of 20 years in prison.
If you have criminal charges or simply wish to file a lawsuit in Lincoln Park, you will be heading to the 3rd Judicial District Circuit Court that serves Wayne County. Michigan Circuit Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over civil trial appeals and domestic relations cases but also are responsible for hearing tort, contract, real property, probate, civil, criminal case including Felony trials, and juvenile cases.
LegalMatch will pair you with a Lincoln Park lawyer who will be able to handle your case for free. LegalMatch guarantees you a bar certified lawyer. Also, check out the LegalMatch Law Blog that is written by the industry’s top professionals.
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