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Learn More About Michiana, MI

Southwestern Michigan and northern Indiana make up the body of land commonly called Michiana. Michiana is a portmanteau of Michigan and Indiana and was a product of a name contest held in the early 20th century by the South Bent Tribune. It’s best known today for its farmland and beaches.
A number of knowledgeable attorneys also call Michiana home. Lawyers in Michiana take a diverse selection of cases including real estate, child custody, chapter 13 bankruptcy, wrongful termination, and criminal cases like DUI and Felony charges.
Recently in Michiana, residents of the Michiana Shores filed a lawsuit against the town council to block the construction of a T-Mobile cell phone tower. Residents maintain that it is a violation of town zoning ordinances and improper use of town funds. City council members said they plan to make as much as $40,000 each year in fees from the tower. Michiana Shores Town Council has already spent nearly $80,000 in legal fees alone fighting their citizens for approval.
If you have a lawsuit to file in Michiana, you will either file with a Michigan Court or Indiana Court. Both states have rigid filing procedures and offer a number of different courts and divisions with which to file. The best way to handle any legal matter is by consulting a bar certified Michiana attorney from LegalMatch.
The most reliable way to find a lawyer in Michiana is through LegalMatch. Our website is home to many useful research tools as well as the best lawyer matching system to ensure your satisfaction. LegalMatch allows you to check prices, availability, and reviews from past clients to make sure you are matched with the right lawyer for you.
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