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Learn More About Kalamazoo County, MI

There are many attractions that draw visitors and residents to Kalamazoo County. The Air Zoo, is a museum dedicated to flight that features elite jet fighters, flight simulators, and a 4D theater that takes you on a dogfight in World War II. There is also the Gilmore Car Museum which is rated as one of the top ten automobile museums in the United States.
If you need legal advice while you are in Kalamazoo County, there are many talented Kalamazoo lawyers in the area that are ready to help you. These attorneys regularly practice in areas of law such as personal injury, automobile accidents, contracts, business, real property, DUI, criminal defense, divorce, child custody, and many more.
The Michigan Attorney General recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Department of Environmental Quality against a business that owns two dairy farms in Kalamazoo County. The lawsuit claims that the business bought the two farms knowing of the past violations of statutes that regulate animal waste on dairy farms. In 2006, the business became aware of new violations of the statutes, namely that the waste containers were too small for the amount of animals, and that they would periodically overflow during a storm and the waste would drain into un-lined lakes on the property. The Kalamazoo County business faces stiff fines for these violations.
If you have a lawsuit that you need to file in Kalamazoo County, you will likely have to show up at the Kalamazoo Ninth Judicial Circuit Court, which is the state trial court that serves the county. The local attorneys regularly practice in this court and can use their knowledge to your advantage. can help you find a great Kalamazoo County lawyer to represent you in your legal action. We take the information that you give us about your case and match it to attorneys in your area that have the knowledge and experience necessary assist you in your situation. Best of all, the service is entirely free for you to use and we always keep your information strictly confidential.
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