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Learn More About Tri Cities

The Tri Cities area is located in the lower peninsula of Michigan and is comprised of two regions: the Thumb, and the Greater Tri Cities Area. Tri Cities is home to many auto manufacturing plants and the Dow Chemical Company which is the world’s second largest chemical producer. There are also many rural farming communities.
In addition to being home to 400,000 residents, Tri Cities is also home to a number of competent attorneys. Lawyers in Tri Cities advise on cases like bankruptcy, divorce, real estate, wrongful termination, DUI, and civil cases.
Recently in Tri Cities, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission alongside hundreds of investors filed a lawsuit against BBC Equities LLC, John and Shari Bravada in yet another alleged Ponzi scheme. The Bravada family offered 8-12% returns on their real estate investments but according to the SEC spent much of their investors’ money racking up an astonishing $7.2 million on luxury cars, boats, vacations, homes, and massive amounts of jewelry.
If you have a lawsuit to file in Tri Cities, you’re probably going to be visiting one of Michigan’s trial courts. Tri Cities has many courts and divisions with which you are required to file correctly so it’s often best to consult a lawyer first. Tri Cities attorneys are familiar with local filing and court procedures.
LegalMatch’s online services can assist you in researching your case as well as finding a Bar certified lawyer in the Tri Cities area. LegalMatch prescreens all their lawyers and offers research materials like a free law library. LegalMatch knows it can be confusing and is able to assist you in the process whatever you legal need be.
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