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Learn More About Dearborn Heights, MI

Dearborn Heights is a Wayne County city that is home to 58,264 Detroit Metropolitan area residents. Dearborn Heights has seen recent fallout of businesses; however, the city instituted several programs to attract local business owners to Dearborn Heights. One of those plans is the Business Improvement Program that helped business owners with costly structural and exterior décor repairs.
A number of locals are also outstanding Dearborn lawyers that know local courts well. Lawyers in Dearborn Heights advise their clients on a diverse variety of cases, some typical examples include Chapter 7 bankruptcy, wrongful termination, malpractice, divorce, and criminal cases like DUI and murder cases.
Recently in Dearborn Heights, former Dearborn Heights Director of Community and Economic Development Department Hassane Jamal filed a lawsuit against the city and Mayor Dan Paletko. Jamal alleges that he was fired despite being a member of a protected class with regards to race, age, national origin, and religion. Jamal is seeking $75,000 in compensation citing the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Civil Rights Act, and the Michigan Whistleblower Protection Act.
If you have a wrongful termination case in Dearborn Heights, you will probably be filing it with the 3rd Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan that retains exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations cases like divorces and child custody cases. Circuit courts are responsible for hearing other kinds of cases like civil, probate, real property, criminal, juvenile and appeals cases too.
LegalMatch prescreens all their lawyers to make sure they are in Michigan State Bar Association certified and matches you with them for free. LegalMatch also provides reviews of the lawyers form past clients, availability schedules, and prices. You may also want to check out the online law library which covers almost every legal topic as well as the tips section to learn more about how to select a lawyer.
A qualified Michigan lawyer can provided you more information if there is a legal basis for a claim. For more information on Dearborn Heights, please see the links below:

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