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Learn More About Grosse Pointe, MI

The city of Grosse Pointe was one of the first suburbs of Detroit and is still home to many of the more affluent residents of Michigan. Gross Pointe prides itself on offering a safer living alternative than Detroit and its residents feel secure and comfortable even though they are so close to one of the highest crime cities in the U.S.   Grosse Pointe also offers its residents beautiful parks, lakeside views and a clean and friendly atmosphere for raising a family.
If you are facing legal problems in Grosse Pointe, you should hire a Grosse Pointe lawyer because of their experience and local knowledge. These attorneys can assist you in bankruptcy, personal injury cases, contract disputes, real estate ventures, divorce proceedings, DUI cases, and many other legal matters.
A lawsuit was recently filed against some of the real estate companies in Michigan accusing them of racial steering when it came to selling homes in Grosse Pointe. A black family was looking at homes in Grosse Pointe because of the good schools there when they contacted a realty company that pressured the family to look at a neighboring city. The family eventually ended up moving to the other city on the assurance of the realtor that the kids could still attend the Grosse Point schools. However, once they moved into the other city, Grosse Pointe passed a city rule that only Grosse Pointe residents could attend the city’s schools. The family, along with the National Fair Housing Alliance, brought a lawsuit against the realty companies alleging a violation of federal law regarding steering practices.
Grosse Pointe is served by the Third Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan. This is the largest circuit within the state with sixty-six judges. Also, a Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan is nearby in Detroit. Having an experienced local Gross Pointe attorney on your side is a very large advantage if you have to report to either the state or federal court.
If you need help finding such an attorney, you should check out By using our free, online matching service, you will save yourself valuable time and money. We only work with Gross Pointe lawyers who have a clean record with the Michigan state bar association, so you can be assured that you will receive excellent legal representation.
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