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Learn More About Brighton, MI

A small town near Ann Arbor, Brighton lies within Livingston County, one of the fastest growing counties in Michigan.
Brighton lawyers can assist you with any legal issue you may be facing, including criminal defense, personal injury, real estate transactions, bankruptcy, and many others.
Legal professionals in Brighton may be aware of a recent federal lawsuit against Livingston County Correction officers. An inmate’s lawsuit alleges that jail guards allowed other inmates to attack him on numerous occasions without intervening. The lawsuit survived a procedural hurdle and was allowed to continue.
Knowledge of proper court rules and procedures can make all the difference in your case. You will want an attorney familiar with the Livingston County Court system. You will also want an attorney familiar with the laws of Brighton, such as one of Brighton’s most recent additions to its codebook: a law against being annoying.
That’s right, it’s against the law to be annoying in Brighton. A city rule enacted last year makes it a misdemeanor to commit an act that “alarms or seriously annoys another person.” Don’t let the small fine fool you; hiring a competent attorney for even the smallest of offenses is important. A good lawyer could wind up overturning a rule such as this one.
If you need help finding a lawyer in Brighton, can help. LegalMatch knows Brighton area lawyers and can match you, for free, to a skilled Brighton attorney with expertise in your legal issue.
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