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Learn More About Portage, MI

Portage is located in Kalamazoo County in the state of Michigan. It has a population of about 46,000 people and borders the city of Kalamazoo. Portage was incorporated in 1963.

Portage is well known for the Portage Bikeway system. Created in 1989, the bikeway system has over 50 miles of trails, and is more than five times longer than the city’s highways. Portage is also known for its historical parks and hiking trails. The Kalamazoo Air Zoo, an indoor amusement park/museum is located in Portage. The world’s largest indoor mural can be found in the Air Zoo.
Recently in September 2009, American Benefit Concepts, an insurance company based in Portage, was sued by Michigan residents who claimed that the company sold them unregistered investments. The 18 residents brought a class-action suit on behalf of nearly 250 Michigan residents, seeking reimbursement of their investment funds. A judge recently ordered a freeze on the assets of Bruce Friedman, owner of the company which American Benefits Concepts purportedly obtained the unregistered investments from. Friedman allegedly misappropriated $47 million from misrepresented investments. The class action suit is still pending. The case follows in the wake of a similar case against BBC Equities, another Portage insurance group.
Purchasing investments always involve some degree of risk. However, the risk of investment should only relate to the product’s growth and not whether the investment has been misrepresented or is defective. If you feel you have been sold a defective investment, or have any other legal claims, it is important to obtain the proper legal representation and be advised of the proper course of action.
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Legal claims arising in Portage can be heard in the Kalamazoo County 8th District Court, at the South Location on Shaver Road in Portage. The South Location has jurisdiction over criminal misdemeanors and felonies, civil claims, and traffic fines. The American Benefit Concepts case was filed in the Kalamazoo County Circuit Court, which has county-wide jurisdiction over more serious criminal and civil matters, as well as appeals.
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