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Resident rocker Ted Nugent is not Livonia’s only claim to fame. Since 1950 when Livonia became an incorporated city, it has been known for its great architecture and for the recently closed Detroit Race Course.  Livonia is also home to the Livonia Hockey Association which is the largest armature hockey club in Michigan.

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Livonia is home to some of the most skilled lawyers in Detroit Metropolitan Area. Livonia lawyers are familiar with the 16th District Court system and procedures throughout Wayne County. Lawyers in Livonia specialize in Bankruptcy and credit law, DUI and criminal cases, family law and divorce, and real estate law, among others.
Recently 16th District Superior Court in Livonia ordered the General Properties Company LLC to pay the sum of $725,000 as a result of a discrimination dispute.  The Livonia Court found that the company was racially discriminating against African Americans in renting apartments. The General Properties Company LLC is a Livonia company that manages the Apple Ridge Apartments, Whispering Woods Apartments, and even some of the Fair Housing Commission of Metropolitan Detroit. Over the past 15 years the company kept a 20% vacancy rate rather than renting to African American tenants.
Lawyers in Livonia are familiar with the Wayne County Courts. Wayne County answers to the Third Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan but if you are filing in Livonia you will need to visit the 16th District Superior Court. The Livonia 16th District Superior Court takes criminal cases, civil cases up to $25,000, and small claims disputes up to $3,000. It is in your best interest to find a Livonia lawyer for you specific legal needs.
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