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Learn More About Gloucester, NJ


Gloucester is a Camden County city that is spotted throughout with Urban Enterprise Zones which offer a 3.5% sales tax rate to boost commerce instead of the standard New Jersey 7% tax rate. Gloucester was previously the home to Fort Nassau which was eventually dismantled and moved across the river in 1651 by Peter Stuyvesant who named it Fort Casimir.
Gloucester plays host to many talented lawyers who know local court procedures well. Lawyers in Gloucester take cases in: permanent immigration visas, chapter 7 bankruptcy, wrongful termination, divorce, and estate administration, among others.
Democratic Assemblyman Paul Moriarty of Gloucester recently introduced a bill, named A3839, that extends New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act. The bill would force debt collection agencies in New Jersey to supply debtors with more account information, a copy of the new Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and a hike in fines with a minimum amount of $10,000 per violation. The New Jersey General Assembly’s Consumer Affairs Committee is currently reviewing the bill.
For most Gloucester cases, you will probably be filing with the Camden Vicinage in Camden. New Jersey courts are divided into different jurisdictional divisions and it is important that you file with the correct division to avoid having your case thrown out. Some of the divisions include: Family Division which handles domestic issues like divorces and child custody issues; the Criminal Division handles all kinds of criminal cases; and the Civil Division is responsible for hearing lawsuits.
LegalMatch provides a free pairing service between reputable Gloucester lawyers and the people who need their services. With a great LegalCenter to do research, LegalMatch also provides forums and newsletters to keep you informed. Before you select your lawyer, check out the Tips section for helpful suggestions on hiring the best lawyer for your particular legal needs.
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