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Learn More About Vineland, NJ

Vineland, NJ was founded in 1861 by Charles Landis in what is today Cumberland County. Landis hoped to attract farmers to his 20,000 acre “planned” community, choosing land located next to a railroad for easy access to nearby Philadelphia. The first settlers arrived in 1862, and the population grew to 5,500 within the first four years. Among them were Italian grape growers, which helped give Vineland its name.

Vineland was the birthplace of the Welch’s Grape Juice Company, which grew as a result of the city’s early ban on alcohol. Today, Vineland has grown to approximately 59,000 inhabitants located on 69.5 square miles, making it New Jersey’s largest city in terms of area.

This pastoral community has also attracted numerous Vineland lawyers, who now call the area home. Vineland lawyers handle various legal matters, including business, real estate, family, intellectual property, criminal, and wills, trusts and estates issues.

Attorneys in Vineland recently defended the city against allegations that Vineland owed Cumberland County $191,000 in unpaid bills for 2004. According to the lawsuit, Vineland city health officials were required to reimburse the county health department for certain services provided to Vineland residents, such as the Shots for Tots program, as the current tax structure dictates that county taxes are not withheld from Vineland residents. The lawsuit arose after the city refused to pay $180,000 in a compromised settlement.

Lawsuits arising in Vineland, NJ may be filed in a number of different courts: limited and general jurisdiction courts, the appellate division, and the state supreme court. Lawyers in Vineland typically file their cases in the Vineland Municipal Court, the Cumberland County Vicinage, Appellate Division of the Superior Court, and the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Each court has its own unique rules and procedures, and a local Vineland attorney can help navigate you this system.

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