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Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is also called the U.P., Upper Michigan, and The Land Above The Bridge. The Upper Peninsula contains one-third of Michigan’s land mass but only 3% of their population. The “U.P.” is known for its wildlife and pristine lakefront.

Many well-known people have called Upper Peninsula home.  The list includes Lloyd Carr, actor James Tolkan, filmmaker Robert J. Flaherty, actor George Gipp, Governor Chase Osborn, wrestler Mike Shaw, chairman of Starbucks Coffee Co. Howard Schultz, and Nobel Prize winner Glenn T. Seaborg. 

The Upper Peninsula is also home to a number of talented lawyers. Upper Peninsula Attorneys advise on a mixed variety of cases, some typical examples include bankruptcy, child custody, real estate, wrongful termination, and criminal issues like DUI charges.

Recently in the Upper Peninsula, Finlandia University and Hancock school administrators worked out a great agreement. In exchange for an athletic field and unused classroom from Hancock Central High School, Finlandia University will provide graduates of the high school who qualify for admission free tuition. The agreement will last for “at least 12 years.”

If you want to file for divorce in the Upper Peninsula, you’re most likely to visit one if Michigan’s trial courts. The Michigan judicial system is comprised of a number of trial courts and divisions. It’s important that you file correctly so that you don’t have to pay to re-file. In most cases, it’s best to consult an Upper Peninsula attorney.

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