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Salem was not only the site of the Salem Witch Trials but also was one of the most important sea ports of early America, earning it the present title of the Salem Maritime National Historic Site. Salem residents and tourists enjoy the city’s history, shopping, cinemas, and restaurants.

Salem MA Lawyers

Salem is also called home by a number of capable lawyers who are familiar with local Massachusetts Superior and District Court procedures. Lawyers in Salem take a wide range of cases; some typical examples include: wrongful death, child support, personal injury, business disputes, and DUI cases.
About 1,300 investors of Salem-based Sunwest retirement homes are wondering if they’ll be seeing their money again. Investors had been enjoying high returns on Sunwest investments but the payments stopped in May when Sunwest filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Sunwest also faces a pending lawsuit from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s investigation of the company’s allegedly fraudulent practices of recruiting investors.
If you are looking to file a lawsuit in Salem, you will probably be visiting the Civil Division of the Massachusetts Superior Court. Family matters like divorce are handled by the Essex Family And Probate Court. The Essex Superior Court is also responsible for the summons of people to the Criminal Division for trial.
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