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Learn More About Holyoke, MA

The city of Holyoke has a rich and deserving history. The city was one of the first planned industrial cities in the country and is one of the few cities in the area that has parallel streets. When the nearby river was dammed in 1849, the first paper mills were opened. This business thrived and Holyoke is still known as paper city and houses one of the biggest paper manufacturing companies in the world. Additionally, volleyball was invented at the Holyoke YMCA and the volleyball hall of fame is in the city.
If you need legal services in Holyoke, you will probably want to talk to one of the many experienced Holyoke lawyers in the area. These attorneys are skilled in many areas of law such as bankruptcy, tax, criminal defense, DUI, personal injury, automobile accidents, contracts, real estate, and more.
Three Holyoke residents filed a lawsuit against the city asking a court to annul the zoning permit that the city issued so that Lowe’s could build a hardware store. The residents claim that the city’s issuance of the permit was arbitrary and unreasonable, and each claim that the construction of a hardware store near their homes would adversely affect their health and happiness because it would increase traffic and noise by their homes. The Holyoke residents are asking that the court order the city to repeal the zoning change.
When you are ready to file a lawsuit in Holyoke, you will probably have to submit your legal papers to the Hampden Superior Court. This is a court of general jurisdiction which means that it hears both criminal and civil cases. A local Holyoke attorney can help you prepare and file all the necessary papers for your case. can help you find a Holyoke lawyer to represent you in your lawsuit. After submitting some background information about your case into our free online system, attorneys in our database will contact you about your issue. Additionally, you can check out our LegalCenter where you will find great information about many common legal problems.
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