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Learn More About Dedham, MA

Dedham is home to many historical attractions like the Fairbanks House, the first manmade waterway in the United States named Mother Brook, and the fabulous Museum of Bad Art. Dedham also boasts many community organizations, churches, and great schools.
Dedham is also a great place to find a lawyer who’s familiar with local court proceedings. Lawyers in Dedham take many kinds of cases; some examples are chapter 7 bankruptcy, criminal DUI, employment discrimination, work visas, as well as child custody and support. 
Recently in Dedham, Bed Bath & Beyond employee and local resident Atia Morgan was arrested for larceny. Dedham Police reported that the growing number of cash refunds tipped off managers which estimate she made off with over $3,000 in cash and merchandise. Morgan posted $250 for bail and is likely to pay fines and be sentenced to jail time.
While Massachusetts offers many specialty courts like juvenile, housing, and probate courts, if you are planning on filing a lawsuit in Dedham you will be visiting the Dedham District Court. The district court handles nearly every case including small claims up to $2,000 and real property with no limit; however, the district court does not have jurisdiction over felony, misdemeanor, or family cases. For those cases, you will have to visit the Norfolk Superior Court in Dedham.
It’s important to have a Dedham lawyer who is familiar with the courts and there is no better way to find a reputable lawyer in Dedham than LegalMatch. LegalMatch will not only match you with bar certified lawyers in Dedham, but also provides great research materials in their LegalCenter.
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