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Learn More About Gloucester, MA

Gloucester lies in Essex County, along Boston’s North Shore. Gloucester is home to about 31,000 people, although it is more crowded during the summer months when its waters draw vacationers from across the state and beyond. Gloucester is a fishing industry hub as well as a notable shipbuilding center. Gloucester is also home to one of the nation’s most famous seafood businesses, Gorton’s of Gloucester, which is known for its advertisements featuring the “Gorton’s Fisherman.” Gloucester’s many attractions include the “Man at the Wheel” statue, the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center, and the Gloucester Stage Company, which performs year round.
Recently, Essex County’s District Attorney announced plans to enforce underage drinking laws more strictly. Specifically, the D.A. will prosecute individuals (including parents) who host teenage drinking parties. Additionally, the D.A. will stop engaging in plea agreements that reduce charges for DWI offenders. Finally, the D.A. is supporting efforts to appoint a full-time Stop-DWI coordinator, who would coordinate law enforcement and counseling efforts. screens Gloucester lawyers for you is staffed with experts who can quickly find you the best Gloucester lawyers at no charge. How does LegalMatch work? Based on confidential client surveys, we contact lawyers who match our clients’ criteria. After a client communicates with the group of lawyers we have selected, the client chooses who to hire.
Additionally, serves as a comprehensive legal resource by offering helpful tools to the public, including a Legal Library.
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