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Learn More About Framingham, MA

Framingham is in Middlesex County and is the most populous town in New England. Framingham is home to many cultural experiences like the Framingham Historical Society and Museum, Danforth Museum, Amazing Things Arts Center, and the Performing Arts Center of Metrowest.
Framingham also plays host to many lawyers who take a variety of cases; some examples are: consumer credit, criminal such as DUI cases, wrongful termination, green card immigration, and child support matters. Lawyers in Framingham are familiar with local Middlesex County courts and procedures.
DUSA Pharmaceuticals Incorporated recently resolved a patent infringement lawsuit against the New England Compounding Center in Framingham. By not responding to the lawsuit, the New England Compounding Center case was given a default judgment in favor of DUSA Pharmaceuticals Incorporated. The lawsuit has garnered an agreement between the companies that the New England Compounding Center will not infringe or induce others to infringe on the disputed patents.
If you are thinking of filing a lawsuit or dissolution of marriage in Framingham, the Middlesex Probate and Family Court will likely be your location of filing. The Framingham District Court may summon you for your preliminary criminal hearing, but your case will probably be take place at the Massachusetts Superior Court. Each court has different divisions and it’s important that you hire an experienced Framingham lawyer to assure you’re filing with the correct jurisdictional court to save yourself time and money.
LegalMatch is the easiest and most comprehensive method of pairing yourself with a Framingham lawyer who is familiar with local courts and is guaranteed to be Massachusetts State Bar Association certified. LegalMatch can also help you research your case with their online law library.
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