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Taunton, MA sits 40 miles south of Boston on the Taunton River as its winds its way to the Mount Hope Bay. Taunton was founded in 1637 by Elizabeth Poole, and was named for her birthplace of Taunton, in Somerset, England. Taunton was officially incorporated as a city in 1864. During the 19th century Taunton became known as the "Silver City" due to its expansive silversmithing operations.
Today, Taunton industry includes many national corporations and research institutions, such as the National Weather Service, who reside in the Myles Standish Industrial Park (one of New England’s largest). The city’s 56,000 residents and visitors alike enjoy attractions such as the holiday light display on Taunton Green, Massasoit State Park, and the Gertrude Boyden Wildlife Sanctuary.
If you have a case in Taunton, you may need a Taunton lawyer. Lawyers in Taunton have experience in handling legal matters involving immigration, employment, family disputes, business, criminal cases, real estate, or any other matter you may face.
Lawyers in Taunton were recently involved on both sides of a lawsuit between a local resident and the police. The 55-year old woman claimed that she was kicked and beaten with excessive force by a local detective during the 2007 arrest of a suspected drug dealer in front of her home. The defendant’s countered that the woman had actively tried to interfere with the arrest of the suspect, who was also her daughter’s boyfriend. The lawsuit also claims that city police officials were aware of the officer’s history of using excessive force and filing false reports (which the city claims are false allegations), but that they did not investigate or discipline him.
Lawyers in Taunton operate within the Massachusetts court system. The court system of Massachusetts consists of a Trial Court (divided into 7 departments), Court of Appeals, and a Supreme Court. Layers in Taunton typically argue their case in the Taunton District Court, the Appeals Court of Massachusetts, or the Supreme Judicial Court. A Taunton attorney can help to advise you of any special rules and procedures of the courts. can help you to find a Taunton lawyer who can argue your case. Our free service provides information on common legal problems and tips on finding the right attorney. Our service gives you the ability to anonymously review pre-screened attorneys and confidentially present your case to receive an attorney response within 24 hours.
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