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Learn More About Middlesex County, MA

The largest county in Massachusetts until county governments were officially abolished in 1997, Middlesex is home to several historic landmarks for the state and the nation. Middlesex County was the site of the “shot heard ‘round the world,” the first gunshot of the revolutionary war. The county was also home to baseball star Babe Ruth, one time local hero turned curse, after his fateful trade from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees.
Middlesex County lawyers can help you with criminal defense, personal injury, real estate transactions, bankruptcy, and many other legal issues.
Boston Scientific, Middlesex County-based medical company, is currently facing several product liability lawsuits for its transvaginal mesh product.  Rather than having to deal with each lawsuit individually, Boston Scientific will only have to deal with two bellweather trials, which are similar to a class action lawsuit.  Although many of the transvaginal mesh lawsuits against Boston Medical were originally filed in Middlesex County courts, the bellweather trials will be heard in West Virginia, where a number of other transvaginal mesh manufacturers will be dealing with their own bellweather trials.
Cases such as this generally begin in the Superior Court in Woburn. Your attorney should be familiar with this court and its rules and procedures. Familiarity and experience with the legal field and rules of Middlesex County may help you favorably resolve your case.
If you need to find a local experienced attorney in Middlesex County, look not further than Our free service will match you to local attorneys specializing in your type of case. will also provide helpful background information on every lawyer you are interested in, allowing you to make an informed decision in hiring your advocate.
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