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Learn More About Franklin, MA

Founded in 1660 by European settlers, the city of Franklin was the birth place of Horace Mann, the father of the American public education system. Franklin’s history is deeply intertwined with America’s educational development. The city is home to the Franklin Public library, this country first public library. Franklin also has one of the best public school systems in America and in 2007 was voted to be one of the best cities to raise a family in by CNN.
It’s no surprise then that there are so many knowledgeable and talented Franklin lawyers. Attorneys here practice primarily in personal injury, environmental, tax, probate, real estate, land use, zoning law, criminal defense, insurance litigation, and family law.
A Franklin resident recently fell off a faulty ladder while at work. The resident was a house painter and while attempting to reach the second story of a house, the ladder he was standing on gave out causing him to fall to the ground and break his spine. His employer terminated the resident from his job without granting him worker’s compensation for his injury. The resident hired a Franklin attorney who successfully represented him in a wrongful termination case. The Franklin lawyer won and the resident was given a large monetary award by the jury.
Anyone looking to sue someone in Franklin would have to bring their claim through the Massachusetts Court System. Franklin is located within Norfolk County. Franklin residents seeking to resolve an estate issue must submit their case before the Norfolk Probate and Family Court. Issues regarding minors are heard by the Norfolk Juvenile Court and housing matters are heard by a separate housing court.
Locating the right attorney to represent you can be hard. Though Franklin is known as a city on the cutting edge of education, that doesn’t necessarily translate to mean that any attorney you pick from Franklin will be the proper match for your particular legal issue. That’s we’re we come in. is a free personalized attorney-client matching service. All you have to do is tell us a brief description of your legal problem and then we do all the research for you. In no time flat, we’ll send you a list of qualified lawyers specifically chosen to suit your needs. It’s that easy.
For more information about and its services, feel free to browse through our website. And if you’d like more information about Franklin lawyers and its court system, please consult the links below:

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