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Learn More About Arlington, MA

Arlington, MA was originally settled by European colonists in 1635 as the town of Menotomy (Algonquian for "swift running water".) The town’s name was changed to Arlington in 1867, to honor those buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Located in Middlesex County 6 miles north of Boston, Arlington spans just 5.5 square miles and has a population of 41,100 residents. Originally a thriving agricultural and mill town, Arlington has evolved to a quiet suburban community. Local attractions include the Old Schwamb Mill, the Jason Russell House, and the Prince Hall Mystic Cemetery.
There are also a numerous experienced and accomplished Arlington lawyers living within the community. Lawyers in Arlington can help you with business, immigration, real estate transaction, criminal defense, and numerous other legal issues.
Lawyers in Arlington recently litigated a dispute between a local gun shop owner and the city. Owner Paul Giragosian conducted business in Arlington for 31 years. In 2007, his licenses to carry and sell firearms were revoked and forfeited by the Arlington Chief of Police; Giragosian alleged the town of Arlington violated his rights under the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments. The licenses were revoked after a customer committed suicide using one of the guns during an in-store training session, even though no wrongdoing was found by the owner. The lawsuit is ongoing.
The courts of Massachusetts consists of a Trial Court (comprised of 7 departments), a Court of Appeals, and the state Supreme Court. Lawsuits filed in Arlington are often litigated in the Cambridge District Court, the Middlesex Superior Court, the Appeals Court of Massachusetts, or the Massachusetts’s Supreme Judicial Court. A local Arlington lawyer can inform you of any special rules and procedures of the courts.
Consider if you need an Arlington lawyer. Our free, confidential service can match you with an Arlington attorney in good standing with the Massachusetts state bar, and provides background information on the attorney unavailable elsewhere. You can also find helpful tips on attorney selection and general information on various legal topics on our website. Use LegalMatch to ensure you make the right decision in selecting your advocate.
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