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Learn More About Somerville, MA

Somerville is in Middlesex County and hosts many institutions that have official addresses elsewhere, such as Tufts University and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Somerville is also home to the Museum of Bar Art in the Somerville Theatre; the Boston Review has its offices and broadcasts from Somerville; and Somerville is the most populated municipality in all of New England.
Somerville is also a great place to find a lawyer who is familiar with local court procedures. Lawyers in Somerville take all kinds of cases, some include: chapter 7 bankruptcy, real estate, green card, divorce, and malpractice cases.
Robert Trane, a three term Somerville Alderman, has made the Green Line extension happen. Trane was involved heavily with the Conservation Law Foundation in filing the lawsuit that was recently settled and which forced Executive Office of Transportation officials to see the Green Line project through, despite insufficient funds rumors.
If you are fighting criminal charges in Somerville, you’re probably going to visit the Somerville District Court for your preliminary hearing. The district court also handles tort, contract, real property with no limit, mental health, traffic violations, juvenile, and small claims not exceeding $2,000. If you are looking to get divorced, the Probate and Family Court will be your destination. The Massachusetts Superior Court handles all kinds of cases and is the highest level trial court; civil lawsuits and criminal hearings makeup a large portion of its caseload.
LegalMatch’s pairing services will offer you a list of reputable Somerville lawyers who want your case. You can do research in the LegalCenter’s law library but nothing will substitute the services of a bar certified LegalMatch lawyers in Somerville.
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