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Learn More About Randolph, MA

Although Town of Randolph is technically a city, this Norfolk County city is home to 31,000 Massachusetts residents. The Town of Randolph is known for some of the historic places like the Jonathan Belcher House and the Ponkapoag Camp of the Appalachian Mountain Club. Randolph offers a number of public transportation options to its residents including a local airport and bus system that runs throughout the State of Massachusetts.
Lawyers in the Town of Randolph are well acquainted with local issues and are knowledgeable of the appropriate filing procedures. Lawyers in Randolph take a wide variety of cases like chapter 7 bankruptcy, divorce, wrongful termination, immigration visa, and criminal cases like DUI/DWI and felony charges.
Recently near the Town of Randolph, middle school student Bryan Huynh was awarded the Massachusetts Safety Officers Award after thwarting a home invasion. Huynh hid under a blanket while alerting police that 4 men, now sentenced to over a decade each in prison, had forced their way into his home that he shared with his mother and grandmother. Randolph has historically had a relatively low crime rate especially in terms of violent crime. The officers who answered the call were also there to congratulate Huynh.
If you have a personal injury case in Randolph than you will likely be visiting the Norfolk County District Court in one of five locations. Massachusetts District Courts have a wide jurisdiction that includes contract, small claims, mental health, civil, criminal, juvenile, traffic cases, and restraining orders. The Norfolk County Superior Courts are the highest level trial court with which you may file. Superior courts decide on civil cases with no limit as well as any appeals from lower courts. Randolph bankruptcy should be filed with the U.S. District Court for Massachusetts.
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