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Learn More About Andover, MA

Andover is a city located in the state of Massachusetts. Andover is visited my many people for its Civil War and Salem Witch Trial history, but is also one of the best places to live in the United States. Andover offers great schools such as the Phillips Academy which was established in 1778 and has hosted some of the country’s most influential people such as President George W. Bush.
With such rich history and renowned schools it is no wonder Andover plays host to some of Essex County’s best lawyers. Lawyers in Andover specialize in business, divorce, immigration, and personal injury, but are able to assist you with any legal issue that you may face.
In The News: Recently in Andover, the teachers’ union filed a lawsuit against the Essex County School District on behalf of six Andover teachers that had not received their scheduled pay raises from years before. Each teacher is seeking a $60,000 check to cover the difference in pay; and while it may go to Essex Superior Court in Andover, the school board is already talking about settling with the money set aside for other teachers still in contract negotiation.

Getting Legal Assistance in Andover, MA

Getting Legal assistance in Andover can come easy especially with the many lawyers within the state. These include family law, criminal law, personal injury law, real estate law, bankruptcy law, and many others. Competent Andover Lawyers know the ins and outs of the Massachusetts court system, from the District Court all the way to the Supreme Court
If you live in Andover and involved in a legal dispute, you will likely be in the Essex County Superior Court, Essex Probate and Family Court, or the Essex County Juvenile Court. While the Essex County Superior Court takes criminal and civil cases, the probate, family, and juvenile courts are specialty courts. If you are filing for divorce or have a child custody issue, you would file with the Essex County Family and Probate Court in Salem. It is important that you file with the court that has jurisdiction over your case and there is no better way than to hire a reliable Andover Lawyer.
LegalMatch is the finest way to find a respectable lawyer in Andover, or to further research your case. LegalMatch’s Legal Center offers great starting points like Forums on every law topic from family law to business.
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Find a Lawyer in Andover, MA can help you find a local Andover lawyer to handle your case. In addition, our extensive Law Library has over 3000 articles on a wide array of legal topics. If you would like to ask a specific question, you can post your query on LegalMatch’s Consumer-Lawyer Forum. LegalMatch has years of experience in finding an attorneys that will suit your needs and presenting them to you in Andover and surrounding areas.

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