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Learn More About Everett, MA

Among the many unique facts about the city of Everett, one of the most worthy of mention is that the city is the only city within the entire United States with a bicameral legislature. Additionally, the city has a host of great parks that residents and visitors often enjoy in the warm summer months. Everett is definitely a great place to live and work.
There are many experienced Everett lawyers who are available to assist you with your legal problems. These attorneys regularly represent their clients in matters that involve personal injury, divorce, child custody, automobile accidents, wills and estates, assault, battery, DUI, alimony, and many more.
An Everett man recently filed a federal civil rights suit against the Massachusettes State Police Department claiming that one of its officers violated his civil rights. The incident occurred when the Everett man was driving his van and three of his friends back to his home to paint his house. Two ladders and some plywood were strapped to the top of the man’s van, and the police trooper pulled the man over and demanded to know why the van was not registered as a commercial vehicle. The Everett man, who is a legal permanent resident of the United States, informed the officer that he was just bringing three of his friends home to help him paint his house. At that point, the officer allegedly became irate and started to shout obscenities about illegal immigrants. The officer ultimately wrote the Everett man a $100 ticket and had his van towed.
Everett is primarily served by the Malden District Court and the Middlesex Superior Court. If you have a lawsuit that arose in Everett, you will likely have to report to one of these two courts. By applying their local knowledge, an Everett attorney can really help your case.
If you are ready to talk to an Everett lawyer about your situation, is here to help. We offer you a free online legal matching service that pairs your situation with lawyers in your area that are knowledgeable about your legal issue. We always pre-screen all of the attorneys in our database so you know that any legal professional that is matched to you is in good standing with the state bar.
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