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Learn More About Medford, MA

Just a few miles north of Boston on the Mystic River lies Medford, MA. The city is home to approximately 56,000 residents and Tufts University. Medford was originally settled in 1630, the 4th oldest English settlement in America, and was officially incorporated as a city in 1892. Medford is the birthplace of the Christmas song “Jingle Bells” written by James Pierpont and the four-wheeled roller skate, invented by James Plimpton.
Today, residents and visitors alike enjoy Medford’s multiple attractions, including the Middlesex Fells Reservation park, the Amelia Earhart residence, and the Peter Tufts House (believed to be the oldest all brick house in the U.S.)
Numerous Medford lawyers are attracted to the city’s rich intellectual history. These lawyers are experienced in dealing with legal matters of all kinds, from business matters, criminal prosecution and defense, employment, immigration, personal injury, to medical malpractice and beyond.
Lawyers in Medford recently settled a lawsuit against the city for failure to approve a special business permit. The lawsuit arose after the City Council voted 4-3 to approve the petition, one vote shy of the 5 needed. The business owner of the proposed Lucky Tattoo then sued, arguing that the city’s law requiring owners of tattoo parlors to file for special permit was a violation of the equal protection clause and was unconstitutional. The lawsuit settled for $35,000.
Massachusetts’s judicial system is structured as a Trial Court (comprised of 7 departments), a Court of Appeals, and the state Supreme Court. Lawsuits filed in Cambridge are often litigated in the Cambridge District Court, the Middlesex Superior Court, the Appeals Court of Massachusetts, or the Massachusetts’s Supreme Judicial Court. A local Medford attorney can help navigate any special rules and procedures each court may have. can help you select the right attorney today. Our confidential service provides tips on selecting a lawyer and general legal information on a variety of topics. Our service also allows you to present you case to a pre-screened group of qualified, experienced Medford attorneys who will review the facts and respond within 24 hours. Let LegalMatch find the right counsel your case – for free.
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