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Learn More About Billerica, MA

The town of Billerica was founded in the mid 1600s as an agricultural community; but it was not until the 19th century that it really began to flourish with the addition of a mill. Today, Billerica is a small community that has a great atmosphere of friendship and kindness. Every September visitors and residents alike enjoy the “Yankee Doodle Weekend” to celebrate the town’s national pride.
There are many Billerica lawyers in town who are available and excited to help you with you legal problem. These attorneys are skilled in many areas of law including brain injury, automobile accidents, divorce, alimony, child custody, criminal defense, tax, bankruptcy, DUI, contracts, real estate, and more.
A Billerica attorney recently won an appellate decision for his client and got a new trial. The client was originally convicted of filing a false automobile insurance claim. During trial, the prosecutor introduced evidence that the defendant had been in three other automobile accidents during the prior nine years, and that the defendant had claimed to be injured in all three. The Billerica attorney took the case on appeal and argued that this evidence was irrelevant and highly prejudicial to his client. The appellate court agreed with the Billerica attorney and sent the case back to the trial court to conduct a new trial.
If the facts surrounding your case are in Billerica, you will probably have to file your case in the Middlesex County Superior Court. This is a court has the power to hear both civil and criminal cases. A local Billerica attorney can help you gather all the evidence necessary for your claim and represent you in this court. is a unique online legal matching service that can help you find the right Billerica lawyer for your situation. We maintain a database with thousands of experienced attorneys that are all in good standing with the state bar. Additionally, when you use our free service, we also offer you great information like attorney profiles, past client reviews, and useful tips on working with your attorney.
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