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Learn More About Malden, MA

Malden is located just north of the Mystic River, and its United States history dates back over three hundred years. The city has been the setting for some of Stephen King’s novels as he has many relatives that live in the area. Additionally, Malden High School has the second oldest continuous high school football rivalries in the nation which dates back to 1889.
If you need legal help while in Malden, there are a number of highly talented Malden lawyers who are available to advise you. These attorneys are skilled in areas of law such as bankruptcy, personal injury, DUI, identify theft, criminal defense, automobile accidents, divorce, child custody, and many more.
A consulting firm recently sued the city of Malden and the Malden Board of Health over money the firm claims it was not paid. The firm was hired by the city to give advice about a dilapidated nursing home. Malden hired the consulting firm in 2007 to advise the city on the procedure to close the nursing home and investigating the potential placement of the current residents of the home. The firm is seeking $500,000 in its lawsuit.
If you have a legal action that arose in Malden, you will most likely have to report to the Middlesex Superior Court. This court has the power to hear both criminal and civil cases and provides litigants with the option of having a jury trial. The local Malden attorneys regularly practice in this court and can really help your case.
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