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Learn More About Worcester, MA

Like many cities in New England, Worcester (pronounced “Wuh-ster”) has a long and storied history. On July 14th, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was read aloud in public for the first time ever on the steps of Worcester City Hall. This was not because Worcester was a place of particular prominence among the original 13 states. Instead, the Declaration was intercepted by a local journalist on its way to Boston from Philadelphia.

Worcester grew during the industrial revolution as a center of the textile industry. Today, Worcester is reinventing itself as a center for technology and higher education in Central Massachusetts.

If you need a Worcester lawyer, let make your lawyer search quicker and easier. Simply explain your problem to, and we will match you—for free—with local attorneys that know how to handle your issue. Rest assured that any attorney you are matched with is an outstanding, pre-screened advocate with local experience.

Attorneys in Worcester can help you with any legal issue. These include criminal law, personal injury litigation, family law, estate planning law, and many others. Recently, widows of firefighters killed in a tragic 1999 blaze received a $1 million settlement in a lawsuit against the owner of the building which caught fire. They sued the owner for negligence in failing to maintain adequate security against trespassers suspected of causing the blaze.

If you have a case in one of the various courts in Worcester County, or you need the advice of an attorney, consider hiring a local Worcester lawyer with experience in the area. A competent Worcester attorney will be familiar with other lawyers in the area, local rules, and the ins and outs of Worcester courts.

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