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Learn More About Melrose, MA

Melrose is a Greater Boston Area city that is home to 26,700 Middlesex County residents. The City of Melrose became a separate entity in 1900; before it had been incorporated into neighboring Charlestown and Malden for almost 3 centuries. Melrose is widely known for being the location of the first cochlear implant and the first laser surgery at the Melrose-Wakefield Hospital.
Melrose residents include talented lawyers who are familiar with advising clients on bankruptcy, medical malpractice, divorce, immigration visa, and DUI/DWI cases. Lawyers in Melrose have a great knowledge of local Massachusetts court procedures.
Recently in Melrose, a Facebook feud between a group of Woburn and Melrose girls escalated out of hand leaving Amanda Mantini in jail and left 40-year-old Nicole McCarthy in the hospital. Mantini allegedly hit McCarthy with her car and sped away after the incident. McCarthy was the only person hurt during the incident and Mantini faces charges including leaving the scene of a personal injury, violating marked lanes, and vehicular assault.
If you have a personal injury lawsuit or any other motion to file in Melrose then you will be heading to the Middlesex County Superior Court. The Middlesex Superior Court in handles criminal and civil cases including probate, juvenile, and family cases. U.S. Immigration Courts are responsible for hearing visa, citizenship, and other immigration issues that arise in Melrose and the State of Massachusetts.
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