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Learn More About Waltham, MA

Like many cities in Massachusetts, Waltham is full of history. Founded in 1634, it is one of the countries oldest incorporated cities. Waltham was home to the first American textile mill that signified the beginning of the American Industrial Revolution. The city was also at one time a world renowned watch maker, and was home to the first assembly-line produced watches.
Waltham lawyers can help you with any legal issue you may be facing, including personal injury, real estate, bankruptcy, criminal defense, wills and trusts, and many more.
A company in Waltham recently lost a lawsuit to a rival Massachusetts Biotech firm over patent-infringement. The lawsuit concerned complicated genetic technology designed to alter protein production in mammalian cells, a process which can be patented. The case allegedly was worth over $60 million.
If you have a case in Waltham, you will want an attorney familiar with courts near Waltham, such as the Waltham District Court. Massachusetts does not use a county system, but retains a loose county organization for its courts. Your lawyer should therefore know courts in and around Middlesex County in addition to being familiar with your local Waltham Court.
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