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Learn More About Chicopee, MA

First settled in 1640, Chicopee, MA was formed in 1848 when it seceded from its neighbor Springfield. Located along the Connecticut River, Chicopee has been nicknamed the "Crossroads of New England" due to its central location (92 miles from Boston, 29 miles from Hartford, CT, 90 miles from Albany, NY, and 140 miles from New York, NY.) amid interstate highways. This city of 54,600 was originally a Polish enclave, and still retains a number of Polish-American businesses, such as the Chicopee Provision company (a major producer of kielbasa and pierogi). Chicopee is also home to the Westover Air Reserve Base (the largest Air Reserve base in the world, and a backup NASA landing site) and Elms College.
This thriving community has also attracted a number of accomplished Chicopee lawyers who have settled in its borders. Chicopee lawyers are well-versed in handling legal matters such as employment, immigration, family disputes, medical malpractice, business, and personal injury.
Lawyers in Chicopee recently litigated both sides of a dispute regarding injury on a school playground. According to the lawsuit, a local middle school student sustained an injury to his forehead when he ran into a chain link fence that was in disrepair. The child sustained injuries to his forehead which required three layers of sutures and left permanent scarring. The plaintiff’s argue that the fence had been dilapidated for some time, with a post uprooted and sticking out at an angle likely to cause injury, and that the city should have been aware of the condition. The plaintiff’s were seeking $20,000 in damages; the lawsuit settled in 2008 for $7,000.
The courts of Massachusetts are structured as a Trial Court (divided into 7 departments), Court of Appeals, and a Supreme Court. Lawyers in Chicopee frequently argue their case Chicopee District Court, the Hampden Superior Court, the Appeals Court of Massachusetts, or the Supreme Judicial Court. A local Chicopee attorney can help you determine which court is right for your case and explain any special rules and procedures that court may have. can help you to find a Chicopee lawyer to handle your case. Our free service provides information on common legal problems and tips on finding the right attorney. Our service gives you the ability to anonymously review pre-screened attorneys and confidentially present your case to receive an attorney response within 24 hours.
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