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Learn More About Beverly, MA

The city of Beverly is a residential, resort and manufacturing town that has a few sea-side summer communities. In the winter, Beverly slows down and many of its residents like to visit the Cabot Street Cinema Theatre which boasts the world’s longest running magician show. In the summer, the city fills up with vacationers who like to sunbathe by the beach and splash around in the surf.
If you need the assistance of a legal professional while in Beverly, there are many experienced Beverly lawyers who can help you. These attorneys regularly practice in areas of law such as real estate, personal injury, watercraft injury, dog bites, head trauma, bankruptcy, tax, DUI, criminal defense, and many more.
The city of Beverly may be facing a lawsuit that arose when a 19 year old girl killed herself after not getting the police attention that she needed. When her boyfriend called 911 seeking help for his 19 year old girlfriend, he thought that she would get the help she needed. Instead, the Beverly High School graduate killed herself. The parents of the girl, now separated, sent letters to the city that were the precursors to a probable lawsuit in the future. The mother mentioned seeking $10 million in damages for the city’s claimed negligence.
If you need to file a lawsuit that arose in Beverly, you will file papers the Essex County Superior Court. The Massachusetts Superior courts are courts of general jurisdiction, which means they have the power to hear both criminal and civil cases. A local Beverly attorney can help you prepare and file all the paperwork that is necessary for your legal action. can help you find the right Beverly lawyer for your case. LegalMatch is a unique online legal matching service that pairs your situation to attorneys in your area that are experienced with the laws that surround your action. As always, our service is entirely free to use and your information will be kept strictly confidential. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, so check us out today!
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