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Learn More About Pittsfield, MA

Pittsfield isn’t only the 61st best small place to do business; it’s also the county seat and largest city of Berkshire County. Pittsfield is home to a number of popular local and tourist attractions like the Berkshire Museum and Athenaeum, Wahconah Park, and the Hebert Arboretum.
A number of lawyers also reside in Pittsfield. Lawyers in Pittsfield know local court procedures and take a wide range of cases; some typical examples include: chapter 13 bankruptcy, child custody, real estate, personal injury, and estate administration cases to name a few.
The Car-Freshener Corporation, who makes the tree-shaped air fresheners for your car, has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in U.S. District court against Blue Q, a Pittsfield company. The item at dispute is seemingly styled after the small tree shaped air fresheners; however, the version that Blue Q produces a leaf-shaped cutout that wafts the smell of unburned marijuana instead of a vanilla or new car smell. The Car-Freshener Corporation lawsuit filed at the Northern District Court of New York in Watertown is principally concerned with Blue Q having misappropriated the term “car freshener.”
If you are planning on filing a lawsuit in Pittsfield, you will most likely be visiting the Berkshire County/Superior Courthouse in Pittsfield and filing with the Civil Division. Pending criminal charges are likely to summon you to the Massachusetts Superior Court. The Berkshire Probate and Family Court handles other domestic issues like child custody and support cases.
LegalMatch is a free method of finding a Pittsfield lawyer who can successfully see your legal issue through to its resolution. LegalMatch can also help you research your case with their online law library.
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