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Learn More About Essex County, MA

Essex County’s namesake, the city of Essex, famously gained its independence as a town with classic New England-style rebellion. A law in the early 1700’s mandated that no meeting house shall be raised by men, a rule specifically aimed at preventing Essex from becoming its own independent town, since meeting houses generally conferred this honor. Essex County’s women then began the task of erecting the meeting house while the men looked on.
Essex County lawyers can be equally as clever in representing you. Lawyers in Essex County can assist you with bankruptcy, personal injury litigation, real estate transactions, bankruptcy, and many others.
Attorneys in Essex County are currently on both sides of a lawsuit between the sheriff’s department and a former correctional officer. The suit alleges that another police officer sexually harassed a female correctional officer after their relationship ended. The lawsuit is ongoing in the Essex County County Superior Court.
If you have a case in Essex County that goes to trial, odds are that it will wind up here. You will want an Essex County lawyer who is familiar with this court and its various rules and procedures. Since most cases never even make it to trial, you will also want an attorney familiar with the settlement process, and with other local Essex County lawyers.
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