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Learn More About Fall River, MA

The area that is today Fall River, MA was purchased by settlers from Plymouth Colony from the Native American Wampanoags in 1659. The city takes its name from the Quequechan River (literally translated, Falling Water), and was officially incorporated in 1854.  Fall River was the home to the infamous Lizzy Borden, accused and later acquitted of the brutal hatchet-murder deaths of her father and stepmother.
Fall River’s industry was based heavily on textile manufacturing in the lat 18th and early 19th century; today the city has reinvented itself as a modern multi-ethnic residential community. The city’s 92,000 residents and visitors can take advantage of the city’s numerous attractions, including the USS Massachusetts Memorial, the Lizzie Borden Museum, the Factory of Terror, the Holy Ghost Festival, and the Heritage State Park.
As the home of one of the great unsolved U.S. crimes, the city has attracted its share of Fall River lawyers. Fall River lawyers are experienced in dealing with family disputes and crime, but also business matters, medical malpractice, employment, immigration, personal injury, and other legal issues.
Attorneys in Fall River with recently involved in both sides of a dispute between the state police and a local teen. The lawsuit alleged that a state trooper illegally strip searched the girl (a passenger in the car) in full view of passing motorists after the trooper stopped the girl for driving with an unlit headlight. The girl argued that she was fully exposed on the roadside where a full body and cavity search was performed. Massachusetts police procedure requires that the search be done in an area that "affords complete privacy" and should not be conducted outside of a police department facility unless exigent circumstances exist; the search should not include any touching whatsoever. The lawsuit is ongoing.
Lawyers in Fall River are familiar with the Massachusetts court system. The court system of Massachusetts consists of a trial Court (divided into 7 departments), court of appeals, and a supreme court. As part of Bristol County, Fall River lawyers frequently argue their case in the Bristol Probate and Family Court, Bristol Superior Court, the Attleboro District Court, Appeals Court of Massachusetts, or Massachusetts’s Supreme Judicial Court.
Finding the right attorney is easy with Our website provides tips on selecting a lawyer and general information on popular legal topics. Our service also allows you to present your case to a pre-screened group of qualified, experienced attorneys who will review the facts and respond within 24 hours. Let LegalMatch find the best Fall River counsel for your case – for free.
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