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Learn More About Brockton, MA

Dating its history back to the Pilgrims, the city of Brockton was the home of one of the world’s best heavyweight boxers of all time, Rocky Marciano. Brockton is sometimes referred to as the “City of Champions” because of Rocky, as well as another famous boxer, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, and the noted Brockton High School football team. In addition, Brockton took a leading role in the work of Thomas Edison and was the first city in the world to have a three wire underground electrical system.
Brockton also has many great Brockton lawyers. If you have a lawsuit in Brockton, these attorneys are available to assist you in many areas of law including personal injury, intellectual property, tax, family law, estates and trusts, and numerous others.
A Brockton lawyer is currently representing the family of a doctor who was killed when an elderly woman crashed her car into a hospital. The case is important because it is examining the potential liability that doctors can face when they prescribe medicine to their patients. The Brockton lawyer is arguing that the elderly woman was on pain killers prescribed to her by her doctors when the fatal crash occurred. In deposition, the woman said that her doctors never told her not to drive while on the medication they prescribed her. This case is one of two cases in Massachusetts that are examining the liability of doctors who prescribe medication without informing their patients of their potential side effects.
If you have a legal issue in Brockton, you will most likely have to report to the Brockton District Court. This court hears both criminal and civil cases. With the trial court in town, it pays to have an experienced local Brockton attorney representing you in your case.
This is where can help you. We specialize in matching clients up with attorneys that are best suited to and able to resolve the legal dispute. LegalMatch is not a referral service, but rather we give you the power to look for Brockton lawyers interested in your case and select the one that best fits your needs.
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