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Even though Brookline borders the major city of Boston, it has managed to maintain its own identity and not be consumed by the larger city. Brookline is a great mix of urban and suburban living that accommodates almost all walks of life. With upscale shopping and many fantastic parks to explore on the weekends, the city offers its residents a great mix to keep everyone interested.
If you are involved in a legal dispute in Brookline, you should probably talk to one of the many experienced Brookline lawyers in the area. These attorneys regularly practice and resolve disputes in many areas of law including real estate, personal injury, insurance, employment discrimination, divorce, immigration, bankruptcy, tax, DUI, assault, and more.
A woman who was scheduled to take her national medical licensing examination in Brookline was denied her request for additional test taking time because of her breastfeeding her child. The woman sued the National Board of Medical Examiners seeking an injunction that would allow her the extra time during her exam in Brookline, but was ultimately denied when the judge hearing the case ruled against her. Although the woman contended that the refusal infringed on her constitutional right to breastfeed her child, the court was not persuaded and reasoned that the refusal did not unfairly burden her. The woman had already been granted an extra day to take the exam in Brookline because of her dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
There are two divisions of the Massachusetts court system that, between them, hear all types of state court trial cases. Brookline is served by the Brookline District Court, which hears many types of civil and criminal cases, and the Norfolk Superior Court, which provides the right to jury trial if a party so wishes. Figuring out which court you should file in is a difficult proposition, and a local Brookline attorney can help you figure out where your case should be. is your online legal matching service that can help you find the right Brookline lawyer for your case. We have a database of thousands of qualified lawyers that are waiting to help you. There is no need to go hunting through the phone book and making cold calls to lawyers in your area when LegalMatch is here. Let the lawyers come to you by using our free service today!
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