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Learn More About Lawrence, MA

Lawrence is the co-seat of Essex County, famous for where renowned American poet Robert Frost first published. Lawrence is a very diverse community with ties to many pre-1920s immigrants as well as a recent influx of Dominican Republic and Puerto Rican residents that now comprise nearly half of the present day Lawrence population.
With such a diverse population, there is no wondering why Lawrence plays host to some of the best lawyers in Essex County. Lawyers in Lawrence specialize in a variety of areas, like immigration, labor law, and real estate, but are capable of helping you no matter what your legal issue is.
Recently in Lawrence a lawsuit was filed against numerous Essex County funeral homes for commingling bodies and mishandling the remains of the deceased. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of 19 Lawrence families seeking compensation after the Essex County Sheriff’s department issued a report and arrested numerous Bayview Crematory employees.
If you are planning on filing a lawsuit in Lawrence, it’s likely you will be filing with the Essex County Superior Court which is responsible for most criminal and civil cases. The court is located conveniently in Lawrence and has jurisdiction over all of Essex County. When filing it is important to make sure you have the best Lawrence lawyer to aid you through the legal process.
The most reliable way to find a pre-screened lawyer in Lawrence is LegalMatch. Our website is home to many useful research tools as well as the best lawyer matching system to ensure your satisfaction. LegalMatch allows you to check prices, availability, and reviews from past clients to make sure you are matched with the right lawyer for you.
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