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Learn More About Revere, MA

Paul Revere, Revere’s namesake, began his famous midnight ride near Revere Massachusetts. Revere’s warnings that "the British are coming" was an instrumental part of our nation’s first victory during the Revolutionary War. The first naval battle of the Revolutionary war also occurred off of the shores of Revere, then known as Rumney Marsh.
Revere Lawyers can help you in family law, criminal law, personal injury, real estate, bankruptcy, and many others.
Like the rest of Massachusetts, Revere has a host of Blue laws. These laws date back to the region’s Puritan heritage and enforce old moral ideals. The sale of alcohol, for instance, is highly regulated. Alcohol is not sold on Sundays, gas stations cannot sell alcohol, and liquor stores must stop selling after 10 PM.
Competent Revere Lawyers must know the ins and outs of the Massachusetts court system, from the District Court to the Supreme Court. Part of the Suffolk County court system, attorneys in Revere often work in the Chelsea District Court, which is one of Revere’s main trial courts.
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