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Learn More About Lowell, MA

Lowell, MA is located in Middlesex County and is the state’s fourth largest city with a population of approximately 105,100.  Lowell was founded primarily as a planned manufacturing center for textiles northwest of Boston along the Merrimack River. Following a period of industrial decline, the 19th century mill buildings were transformed into the Lowell National Historic Park, dedicated to recreating textile manufacturing and history within the city. Lowell has also been the birthplace of notable artists, among them Bette Davis and Jack Kerouac. Today, Lowell is a thriving multi-ethnic community – in fact, it is home to the second largest Cambodian population in the U.S.
Numerous Lowell lawyers are attracted to the city’s unique mix of history and culture. These lawyers are experienced in dealing with legal matters of all kinds, ranging from business matters, criminal prosecution and defense, employment, immigration, personal injury, to medical malpractice.
Attorneys in Lowell recently represented a local radio personality after he was served with a lawsuit. The lawsuit claims the personality broadcast a segment on a local attorney accusing him of throwing a case and being fired from his government position because of it. The comments were later posted on his blog and published in a local newspaper. The lawsuit is ongoing.
The court system of Massachusetts is divided into a Trial Court (divided into 7 departments), Court of Appeals, and a Supreme Court. Attorneys in Lowell may argue a case in the Lowell District Court, the Middlesex Superior Court, the Appeals Court of Massachusetts, or the Supreme Judicial Court. A local Lowell attorney can help you determine which court is right for your case and explain any special rules and procedures that court may have. can help you to find an experienced Lowell attorney to argue your case.  Our confidential, free service provides allows you to anonymously review the background, experience, and track record of pre-screened lawyers. LegalMatch also provides helpful tips on selecting the right attorney with information on popular legal topics. With LegalMatch you can present your case and receive an attorney response within 24 hours.
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