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Learn More About Scituate, MA

Scituate is a Cape Cod Bay town which is located in Plymouth County. Scituate is home to interesting historical places like the Scituate Lighthouse, The Lawson Tower, and the Old Oaken Bucket Homestead and Well. Scituate has great schools and combines urban, rural, and coastal life.
There are also many talented Scituate lawyers who are familiar with local district and superior court procedures. Lawyers in Scituate take all types of cases, including business disputes, immigration, personal injury, family, and criminal cases.
Scituate’s MFS Investment Management company recently settled a lawsuit with the SEC for failing to safeguard against insider tracing. The settlement is just short of $1 million with $200,000 to be paid in fines and restitution to an unnamed broker totaling $717,858. No criminal charges were filed in the case.
If you are probating a will or have a family matter that needs to be resolved, you will be visiting the Plymouth County Probate and Family Court. Juvenile cases, all real property cases, small claims up to $2,000 and civil court appeals are handled at the Plymouth District Court 20 miles south in Plymouth. In any case, it’s best to have a knowledgeable lawyer by your side who knows filing and court procedures.
The best way to find a reputable lawyer in Scituate is through the free pairing service of LegalMatch The LegalMatch website also provides many helpful legal research tools like blogs, an online law dictionary, and newsletters all within the Legal Center.
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