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Learn More About Chelsea, MA

Chelsea is a small city located in Suffolk County, Massachusetts and occupies a space less than 3 square miles in size. The city is situated on the banks of the Mystic River, across from the City of Boston. Chelsea was first settled in 1624 and incorporated as a city in 1857. Chelsea is renowned for its place in history; in 1775, the second Battle of the Revolution was fought here. Today, Chelsea is home to a diverse population. Of its roughly 38,000 inhabitants, while whites are the majority, Hispanics are the second most dominant ethnic group. Contributing to its diversity are Chelsea lawyers who have experience in many legal matters.
In February 2009, a Chelsea court clerk made news when he allegedly forced a prostitute to perform sexual favors in exchange for sweeping her case under the carpet. This court clerk was charged in U.S. District court with attempted deprivation of rights and suspended without pay pending future hearings. The case is currently pending.
Recently, the probation and family law courts in Norfolk County developed an outreach program to educate residents about how to navigate the court system in these areas. This program was extended to residents of Chelsea and the court is continuing to
develop their outreach efforts. Chelsea residents can avail themselves of these and other community based programs offered by the court.
In Massachusetts, litigants begin their cases in district court which handles all legal matters other than matters related to juvenile, family and probate issues. Chelsea is home to a district court located at 120 Broadway. Chelsea residents are served by the Suffolk County family and probate court located in Boston while juvenile cases are heard one day per week in Chelsea’s district court in the juvenile division.
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