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Learn More About Northampton, MA

Northampton is known for its vibrant music scene and numerous historical landmarks. The town is home to a plethora of musical venues such as The Academy of Music, Pines Theater, Pearl Street, Iron Horse Music Hall, and The Elevens. Northampton is also known for its progressive thinking, hosting the first ever female basketball game in Smith College, one of the first women’s colleges to be founded the country.

Northampton is also a place to find many skilled attorneys. Northampton lawyer practice in many areas of law, including bankruptcy, tax, personal injury, mergers and acquisitions, environmental law, criminal defense, family law, and intellectual property.

Commercial property owners in downtown Northampton recently brought a federal lawsuit against the city of Northampton and the Northampton Business Improvement District in an effort to keep from having to join the local Business Improvement District (BID).  Although membership was originally voluntary when the Northampton BID was created, a Massachusetts state law enacted in 2012 made membership to all of the BIDs mandatory throughout the state.  Several of the business owners in the area covered by the Northampton BID believe that being forced to join the BID violates their First Amendment right for freedom of association, especially since the BID has become involved in enacting controversial decisions being made by the city, such as the decision to remove all of the public benches in the downtown area.

If you want to file a lawsuit in Northampton, you’re first stop would be the Northampton District Court, which is under the Massachusetts Court System. The district court also handles criminal matters and small claims up to $2000.   Northampton also has a separate juvenile, housing, and probate and family court.

When you’re filing a lawsuit in Northampton, it’s essential that you hire a qualified Northampton lawyer to assist you in resolving your legal matter. Finding the right attorney can be tough, but with it doesn’t have to be. Our attorney database contains thousands of lawyers from all over the state of Massachusetts and with our customized matching program we can ensure you that we’ll always find the exact kind of lawyer you’re looking for.

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