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Learn More About Oakland County, MI

Oakland County, Michigan

Oakland County, Michigan with a population of about 1.2 million, is a vital component of the Detroit metropolitan area. The city of Pontiac, which is home to many General Motors plants and the GM brand “Pontiac” itself, serves as the seat of Oakland County.

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Oakland County is the fourth most affluent county in the nation among counties with populations exceeding one million people. Auburn Hills and Bloomfield Hills are two of the better known wealthy communities in Oakland County. Oakland University also lies in an upscale part of Oakland County, and is known for its nursing program and medical school.

Oakland County, often called “Automation Alley”, has an economy that is relies heavily upon the engineering and auto industries. The continuing downturn in domestic auto sales has had a negative impact on Oakland County, although it has not suffered as much as Detroit and Flint, whose economies are less diverse.

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